In the Dark: Afterthought

The streets of Philly are not the most pleasant sight. They are filthy. There is trash everywhere–including people as far as I thought. My friend was right. Maybe I should have asked him to go with me–even though he was just joshing, at least I thought he was until I started walking. There is no way I would have let the “Man Image” down by asking another man to tag along because I was afraid, however.

Truth is, I was afraid. I had not ventured in a neighborhood like this one alone before. I noticed it when we came down from the train, but at night, everything looks so spooky. I started to imagine all those movies that I saw where the unsuspecting victim walks down the dark streets and was attacked by some mugger–some young thug trying to get a new video game or shoes.

 I then thought about who it would probably be, a Black mugger 

seeing as how I was in a predominately Black neighborhood. My guard kept going up and down as I passed a person on the street. I walked near two groups of Black and Hispanic teens cursing and joshing around. It disarmed me to see them so carefree and kind towards each other.

“How are you,” I spoke before I realized it to the second group of teens, a gangly bunch too. Well, maybe a few of them. A few of them

were just too big to be teens, but their faces, even in the dark, were very young.

Too my surprise they all said hello back to me. I then thought of myself. I am not some small little person. I am six feet two inches. I am 195 pounds and actively athletic. I could probably outrun a group of people trying to jump me anyway! In fact I knew I could. I kept telling myself this to un-betray my manhood. I was a small kid the last time I was in a so called “hood.” Truthfully I did not know how to compose myself.

I let my guard down as I saw more teens and young adults walk by. I spoke to some who were taken aback but returned my salute. I grew up in the South, so I have it ingrained in me to speak–even it I am in an urban city where people shoot you for looking at them wrongly.

Once I arrived at the corner store I was a bit relieved to see the lighted area. There were a few gentleman, older than me, standing outside as if they were panhandling. They said nothing to me, but they did regard me conspicuously. I did not like it, but I just walked into the store minding my manners.

I looked away for a second seeing the donut rack.

The first thing I saw was a rack of packaged donuts!









I forced my way past the delectable treats and made my way to the coolers with theV8’s in them. My mouth actually watered for the V8!

Check out line was confusing to me. There was a long counter with all sorts of things on it to buy with two Hispanic people standing behind them. I just popped in the line and waited, hoping I would figure out which person to go to–the man or the woman. The man stood by the lotto tickets, so I supposed him not to be the regular cashier–though he seemed to be taking customers.

A group of Black teens walked into the store and my senses went on alert for some reason. I did not recognize them from the groups I saw before. These kids were nice looking kids with apparel to boot. One really big kid came in shirtless drawing attention to himself while the other kids shopped and took places in line behind me. I felt no threat from them, but the shirtless kid came to stand near me. He was not shirtless anymore. He had on some type of worker vest.

From this kid I felt some intense feelings but still no threat. He was a very large kid. I could see why he went shirtless because he had an impressive physique. He was at least a few inches taller than I and had a deep booming voice.

The woman behind the counter glared at him and said “Tray, you know that you are not supposed to take clothing out of the clerks closet. Go put the vest back and I will say nothing.”

He started waving his long arms threateningly near me as he walked around to the counter entrance for employees to confront the

woman, who did not look the least afraid. The man behind the counter told him that he would call the police.

“Call the po-lice, I ain’t afraid to go to jail. That’s where I belong away! Call’em,” Tray yelled in that booming voice. It seemed like I as

Tray’s friends started yelling for him to stop being a troublemaker. The lady behind the counter held her hands out while looking up at this giant compared to her. I looked away for a second seeing the donut rack, yum. When I turned again Tray was gone and the vest was in the woman’s hands. the only one alarmed at this episode as the customers still purchased things.

“Does this happen often here,” I asked one of the friends

still waiting to purchase her items. She explained to me that every body knew each other in this part of town and Mrs. Gonzales knows that Tray just lost his father. Tray has been trying to cause problems ever since.

He apparently is a football player, tight end. That explained to me his size, well, his genetics explains his size. Football is the nice use of his size. I noticed that he did not use one swear word after the fact and he complied easily. I was impressed. If the only bad thing Tray could think to do was put on a vest at a store and make a lot of noise, then he was doing okay. I sure would not want to meet all

I purchased my V8 and prepared to walk out the store. I was happy that Mrs. Gonzales was so thoughtful as to not call the police on this distraught boy. This was a good neighborhood now. Not too many visitors came to this “hood” though and I stood out. Again, I had a strong feeling–this time a danger feeling. When I opened the doors to the store to walk back tp Sonia n’ems, my opinion changed about the good “hood.”that emotion in an alley mugging.


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The Life of a Mormon Before the Mission Journal Entry 26 to 30


Before I went on my mission I had some interesting experiences. It was a chaotic time of my life that cause very many uncertainties though I was determined to go out and serve the Lord as a missionary. Some of the names have been changed so that nothing reflects poorly on their character being that time brings change to all people in some way, hopefully for the better.

Journal Entry 26 / August 21, 1998 / Timberland Book Bag

And the gospel of Jesus Christ shall be declared among them; wherefore, they shall be restored unto the knowledge of their fathers, and also to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, which was had among their fathers. 2 Nephi 20:5

I awoke at 9 am only long enough to turn my alarm clock off and fall asleep again. At 15 till 10 am, my mom checked my room. She declared, not asked “I thought you’re supposed to be going somewhere?”

I replied, “I do.” I hopped up looking at the clock and fretting the early arrival of the missionaries, yeah right (I write oozing with sarcasm . I called the Elders. Elder Ortero answered the phone. I told him to delay their coming for a about 20 minutes because I still needed time to prepare. After the call, I hung the phone on the receiver and sat motionless for a minute to wake myself more. I then began to search for clothes to wear–especially underwear! I did the unthinkable however. I showered, powdered, deodorized and reused the same undies! The were still fresh though.

I then gathered myself together and called the elders to let them know I was heading to Sister Zonkers (A fake name by the way) home. I walked over there and was greeted by S**** and J****, the eleven and ten-year-olds to be baptized. They inquired about the elders and I told them they should appear soon.

I went in expecting the same odor as I had become accustomed to in the Zonker home, but was surprised that it lingered only a bit. Sister Zonker had bathed! She also filtered the air with her air conditioning unit! I sat in the chair across from her and discussed issues regarding her children. I focused a heck of a lot of attention on J****. He is my only hope to get the priesthood into that home.

Elder Mildenstein and Elder Ortero soon came to commence the discussion. It was mainly about fasting and tithing. The family agreed to follow these commands and committed to follow the Word of Wisdom once again.

I expected to see then bin church this Sunday. The discussions seemed to be doing well. I gues when one takes a personal interest in a family, home teaching is very effective.

After we taught the discussion and conversant a bit, we left. I went to get my check. With it, I took of to Tifton where I shopped and bought the wrong bike rim for my back tire on my bike. I will have to return it tomorrow I guess

I wanted to get Sasha Troupe and purchase her a Timberland book bag. she and her family had already left Tifton for Nashville though. I returned to Nashville and went to Mrs. Classie’s house. I saw Chad and asked him the whereabouts of Gwen because I needed to see Sasha. Chad directed me to find Corey to locate Gwen. I had to leave to do so but returned to Mrs. Classie’s house again and found Corey had returned. He told me that Gwen was at the beauty parlor and that Sasha was a Tonya Daniels home.

I reluctantly took Corey toward Tonya’s house because I was not supposed to be hanging around Corey, who was only one of my best though corrupt friends.We spotted Surriena on the way driving. Tonya was learning to drive a standard shift. Corey mocked her viciously. We eventually ended up at Tonya’s home where I found Sasha. I gave her $40 to buy her bag. I went home to give some money to my mom and prepare for work. Someone has stolen Freeman’s pistol.

Corey is soon coming to Amoco to work. I am happy for him. I hope to God it works for him. I want to see progress to righteousness. Steady work is always a good start.

Journal Entry 27 / August, 25, 1998 / Tuesday / Know To Live

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

Romans 13:1-2

The most extraordinary thing occurred last week, but I want to share things in order first.

Saturday I awoke very late. I took my mother’s car to Tifton to return bicycle parts that I purchased the day before. I went to the store and was satisfied with the result. I continued with my previous purchase–having the place take a piece off my other bike tire on the new tire.

I then went to Gwen’s home where I spoke with them, mostly Sasha and Corey. I had an enjoyable time. After sometime, Corey and I went to Nashville. I enjoyed his company and really like Corey. I think he is awesome.

I dropped him off at my cousins Roeanda’s leaving Corey in his company. I went inside Roe’s house before I left and it was beautiful. Of course, Roe greeted me in his accustomed way of expletives and jabs. While I was there with them, Roe and Corey doing their smokey-smoke thing, Chad pitched up. He asked me to go to his home and discuss with him about God. I was shocked, but I agreed! We scheduled to do it the following day.

Later on that day, I hung with Trever mostly. We went looking for Corey after purchasing some pizza and other items. While Trever search for Corey, I decided to stay with his mom, Lanteen, my first cousin once removed. We watched the WNBA. Her team won!

I feel so good right now that I have to stop recording. All these incidents seem to dull in comparison to my big news–I just so happen to be recording my journal at the stake center in Albany, GA.

The high point of the Saturday for me occurred as I sat over at the old Classie home. Gwen asked me to get a towel for her husband because there were none at the Classie home. (Since Mrs. Classie passed away, the older boys were to look after the house and did not do a good job. Since I lived like four houses down from them, Gwen knew I could quickly get a towel so that Rodney could use to take a shower there.) I took along from my house with the towel my journal and for some reason started reading it out loud while Corey and Trever played Resident Evil 2 on the Play Station. I love reading my journal.

The next day following a wonderful church meeting, Bishop Gaddy interviewed me for my mission and for a temple recommend. With that done I set out to home teach. I was so happy about my interviews. I had no luck with the Wilforks, but with Chad I did. I taught him the First Discussion–the high point! I felt the spirit as I taught him because I had already memorized the principles and they just followed. He seemed to take it very well. I learned that a person must no expect another person to live the commandments unless he has heard them.

Right now, I am waiting for my interview with President Whiddman. I am excited to say the least. I am about to interviewed by my stake president to get ready to go to the temple for the first time. I don’t know what to expect and I am excited!

Journal Entry 28 / August 29, 1998 / Saturday Interviews!

That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God;

Colossians 1:10

The days following my interview have proved the most instructional to me. have learned much by experience and ponder. I could not describe my journey at first to Albany with the Bishop, Bishop Gaddy. Now, I have allowed ample enough time to pass so that I now have a tempered mind to do so.

I awoke Tuesday very excitedly. I mean really, I am about to embark on a new chapter in my life! I could wait, but I anticipated the interview with president Whiddman! I went about doing things early so I could have no other objective than to go to the Albany Stake Center!

My mother took me to Bishop Gaddy’s home in Brookfield for the trip to Albany. Once in his home, I talked with his two primary aged daughters. The taught me about sea shells. Following a prayer with Bishop Gaddy’s family, he and I were off to Albany.

Once there, I waited for an eternity it seemed to get my turn to speak with the president. Once in there, in his office,, I felt such an overwhelming spirit of peace and love as to make me fatigue. I received my temple recommend. He also sent my mission papers to Salt Lake City! I await the letter from the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley!

Corey Davis is now employed at the BP Amoco. I saw him at work Thursday. I was excited he came. We all ended up leaving because of a plant shutdown. The previous plant shutdown I went to the Classie home to see if Chad or Corey were around. I found Chad there that time. He was upset with Tammy, Tywan’s girlfriend. I don’t know if he was upset because she is White or because she moved into the Classie house or both, but he will get over it.

This second shutdown, I went to Lanteen’s home after fixing my bike. I stay their watching TV. I eventually went home to prepare for work.

Journal Entries 29 & 30 / September 21, 1998 / Monday / The Temple

And now that my soul might have joy in you, and that my heart might leave this world with gladness because of you, that I might not be brought down with grief and sorrow to the grave, arise from the dust, my sons, and be men, and be determined in one mind and in one heart, united in all things, that ye may not come down into captivity 2 Nephi 1:21

Three Weeks now have passed from the time I received my temple recommend until this day. Also, three weeks have pasted since my mission papers have been sent off.

On September 19, 1998, Saturday I went the Atlanta temple for the first time to receive my own endowments. I a first was nervous about what to expect. I did not really know all that I would need to do.

Now that I have gone through, I know what I need to know to enter the celestial kingdom to the highest degree–after I have finished all that I can in this life. This experience is one of constant remembrance I shall not soon forget my first temple session. Brother Thomas Burns escorted me through the temple. I wanted Brother Albert Burns or Brother Joe Alderman to do it, but with either the spirit would have been the same as it was with Brother Thomas Burns. I was almost giddy through the entire experience. I recall when the ordinance start in the endowment room I was really unnerved by the manner that we worship.The Spirit testified to me that it was true. Though as the hours pass, Satan tempts me with things, my experience does not diminish. For the entire time, Satan has no power over me. The blessings of the temple has set me free from the grasp of Satan–if I remain true and faithful to my covenants.

Friday I went to the Atlanta Temple with Sisters Alderman and Kate Burns. The drive was enjoyable. We spent the night at Kate’s daughter’s home, Dee Dee. Dee Dee prepared lasagna and her sister Patricia prepared salads for us.

Patricia is married and has a cute girl named Cheridan. Cheridan is awesome and energetic. She spent the night also. Dee Dee was not home. She had business. Continue reading

Democratic National Convention: Reflections 2012

Come Away

Before I began my remarks, I want to identify as a conservative independent. I lean heavily in favor of the Republican party, but cannot come to terms with all of its nuances. I also accept many views of moderate Democrats. I love my president and I honor his office and think that he is a good man.

What I was not impressed with has nothing to do with President Obama significantly, but with how the DNC was conducted. My first point of contention is the speakers–the less important ones. I forced myself to watch the DNC, the entire thing! I did not watch the RNC, only 5 of the speeches, which included Mitt Romney. I did not even watch the Clint Eastwood comedy act. I reserved the time for the sitting president’s party out of respect to see what the rank and file Democrat has to say about America and I only like parts of it.

I had to take a breather and meditated on what I saw before writing this. In comparison to the RNC, the DNC did poorly overall. I came away from the RNC speeches that I heard feeling hopeful and proud to be American. I felt good about my heritage as a pioneer.

I left the DNC feeling robbed and deflated. I am biased I know. I honestly want to believe that the people in leadership represent my values, but I cannot find a single Democrat in leadership that I can identify with and it concerns me. The DNC seemed like a Fourth of July company picnic rather than a convention for a presidential nominee! The people there seemed to be looking for entertainment rather than to support the party.

My next bone is with the speech of Bill Clinton. Yes, it was entertaining but it was not informative and he out right lied on the Republicans and Mitt Romney in parts of it. How do I know? I listened to the speeches! He said that Mitt Romney is going to raise taxes on the middle class. Well, Mitt in his on speech says the opposite and he did so very clearly so that everyone could understand. Bill Clinton did not speak about what Romney promised to do, but what he assumes Republicans will do. That assumption makes me distrust him even more.

Third, why Bill Clinton? I do not honor his opinion as he disgraced my nation. I was overseas when the fiasco about his indiscretion came out. Every foreigner that discovered that I was an American wagged a head of shame at me. I felt ashamed of my country because of the former president. He is a an embarrassment and I would not listen to him because he dishonored himself.

Fourth, it is tradition for the Vice President to speak the night before the presidential nominee. I did not appreciate the change and see it as a slap in Joe Biden’s face. That alone makes me question President Obama and his choices. Biden could very well be the next commander in chief, but he was removed as speaker so that a scandalous person could speak instead!

If I were him, I would call into question the change in program. I would ask “President Obama, you trust me enough to be the next president if something happens to you but not enough to speak in my traditional role?” I suppose he took one for the team.

What I left with from the DNC is that the pinnacle of my existence is to become middle class. Once I have reached that plateau I am done in life. That is not my dream. I don’t just want to be middle class. I want the opportunity to be more than just in the middle. The RNC gave me hope that I could if I put the work in. The DNC made me think that middle class is where it is at!

Clinton made me feel like all I can achieve is the middle and I should be happy with that because that’s what we need, a strong middle class. Rubio made me feel like I can at least help my children do better if anything at all. I felt some hope that my family could achieve financial greatness even if it never happens–I like that hope that it might.

I give the DNC a letter grad of ‘C’ for giving an average convention. I would have given a ‘C-minus’ if it wasn’t for Michelle Obama. Her speech was great. She really impressed me and I could feel the earnestness in her words.

Lastly, President Obama’s speech killed if for me. I have to honestly say that the sound of his voice is starting to make me angry. As much as I love my president, and I do, his voice gets on my nerves. Each time he opens his mouth I feel like I am being lied to about something. I don’t like to admit that, but it is the truth.

I figure I am going through a love-hate thing because I support Romney, but I still support Obama also as the sitting president. I am ready for a change. I gave him my full support after the election and I am not happy with most of what he has done. I like some of the healthcare reform. I like the fact that jobs were created. I do not like how the health reform came to pass and I don’t like the fact that for the last three years he has not taken personal responsibility for his nation’s problems.

He keeps talking about what was handed to him or what he inherited. Okay, thanks for saying that. Now that it is yours, stop talking about what you received and go ahead and take ownership for the love of America! He wants another four years. I want him to own the last four years we gave him!

He should have let Bill Speak for his turn and maybe I would not have been bored to tears. If he wins another four years, I pray that I can be charitable to him and not detest the sound of his voice. I really do love him, because he is doing a job that only a few choice people can do–lead the free world.

I love him for taking the chance and putting himself on display like that. Some times I get upset with the people that I love. In his case though and unlike my family, I can vote whether or not he has supporters in office. I might not be able to vote for him, but I can vote for the people he gets to work with. I see that my heart is already turned against voting for him. If he wins though, I will support him as leader. I may not agree with all of his policies but at least he honors his family relations. Now with that I can identify. 

Continue reading

The Truth About Online Business Systems

Greetings reader. You may have been touched by the Online Business Systems machine if this article is of importance to you. I will in a brief fashion discuss with you the viability of Online Business Systems money making machine!

First off, Online Business Systems from Herbalife is not a scam. Herbalife is a true company with true products. The Online Business Systems itself, however, may discourage many people from going that route for income after reading this article.

If you are looking for a job and are tight on money, avoid Online Business Systems like the plague!There is nothing there for you and it will not benefit you to participate in the company in the short-run. In the long-run, there may be a possibility, but unless you have some long-run money, be warned.

This program is not meant for people who are jobless and have financial problems. The sad thing about it is that the Online Business Systems preys on the jobless or underemployed for funding.

  • If you do not have a job, do not order any information packet from Online Business Systems of Herbalife.
  • If you do not make a substantial income, do not order or sign up for Online Business Systems of Herbalife(the ‘H’ in Herbalife is not silent by the way).

I am a victim, I mean Herbalife participant.

I love the company and its products. I have and still use them and they work! I like the business set-up, the one that involves having disposable money to use to get started with it.

I have estimated that $10,000 is the amount of money you want to have to get started and be successful. Anything less and you risk failure. The reason is that you want to have room for business losses. Also, by disposable income I mean you won’t miss it if it all goes up in smoke.

Target Audience of Online Business Systems

It is geared to swindling the unsuspecting and desperate person out of hard earned money so that we can make pennies on the dime. Sadly it is true.

No person who has 10 grand just lying around generally seeks out home-based jobs to work unless he sees a future need to develop a network so that he can form a multi-level business. And then, he would have to find others who want to use $10,000 to start a business relationship with Herbalife so that he can grow his business

  • It is not a pyramid scheme because Herbalife sells good quality products being all around the world.

Wealthy people ask questions though, which is why they are wealthy. Wealthy people do not spend money on pleasures as much as we would think. They are wealthy because they know how to save and invest money.

There is a new generation of rich people who make so much money that it does not matter how they spend, they will be rich. Most are not in that category.

  • Poor people don’t know which questions to ask, and therefore make uninformed decisions.

Online Business Systems banks on the hope that the participant will not read the print. The written program does not try to deceive people, but the agents themselves do.

There is an unwritten code that Online Business Systems agents use so that the ethical value of the program is not put into question. The program recruitment is designed to give you as little information as possible building you up step-by-step, which is good.

It is bad when you are told as a last step, after you have invested thousands of dollars that you needed at least 10 grand to really get it going and about six months to a year of time!

  • The fact that Glenn Beck endorsed this program was the only reason I used it.

Virtually they want to trick you into being successful.

Any time any person offers you an online business opportunity, whether it is Herbalife or any other company, know that you are going to come out of your pocket possibly up to 10 grand before you see money flow.

Also, if it works so well, why does the person training new agents have to “mentor” so many people to do it? Some of these men and women have thousands of people working on their “teams” and earning money for them.

The program works, but at whose expense?

It works! The program works, but instead of explaining the business principles to you, they hand hold you along the way and give you bits and portions at a time until you have it all. Once you have all the information, like I do, it is up to you to decide how to keep going with it.

  • It is a brilliant strategy, but it backfires for many people also. The ONLINE BUSINESS does not advertise those stories of course.

I know that it can work, because I have participated in the program until I ran out of finances to invest and my conscience started to bother me about taking money from old women and men who are looking for ways to supplement or replace their retirements.

I had to stop actively seeking to grow my network of agents after spending about two hours on the phone with one of my network members crying about her financial shortfall. She spent more money than I did to get started, but it was literally her life savings. She used it up and had no more money to spend–she only had about seven grand for savings!

During my first contact with a Online Business Systems representative I did not learn this important lesson:

Unless you have $10, 000 of disposable income, you will fail!

The person who trained me did not tell me this from the beginning or I would not have signed up. I initiated many people to the program not telling this important aspect of the business to them.

Start up Costs

I did not learn personally about the 10 grand getting started thing until about $4,000 of irreplaceable family funds were spent and reading the print in my training manual. It wasn’t even fine print. It was regular print, but as I was trained, my trainier distorted the meaning–leading the reader, me, to think that the money from the sales and sign-ups would create continual cash flow–and it can after about six months of constant spending to a year!

It specifically states in the manual that we must be able to spare the money. My trainer conveniently skipped over that part. She told me repeatedly that I will make my money back starting the first month.

I spent $29.95 for the info packet. I then spent $350 for The Online Program. I then spent $2500 for products. I then spent $3000 for leads. By the time several months had passed, I had spent over $5000, and had exhausted my funds. I was spending about $40 a month to maintain my Online Business website.

  • I did make the $29.95 back and the $350 with my first team member, but I had to invest it right back into the business, which I really could not afford to do–no disposable income!!!!!!!

I told my trainer this, and asked her what to do. She responded “I told you it takes time for you to get a return. You knew that going in.”

I was shocked and hurt that she would say that, but she was right. She hinted at it the entire time just like I did with my group of people under me.

I called all of my network members that day and told them how the program really works. Only one couple could afford to continue and be successful at it because they had the disposable income. Everyone else cried because they knew they were out of luck.

You must spend money to make money. If you don’t have any money to begin with then, you are out of luck. I did not have money to begin with. I used some of my school money thinking that I would replace it tenfold. My wife said she would supported me, but did not like the idea. I should have listened.

Truth, the sobering and God’s honest truth!

There are no good counselors who can teach you how to make money online quickly and easy that are legally and ethically sound. There is no program to get rich qucik or work less hours and still be successful and ethical.

To be successful at the Online Business System, I promise you will work by the sweat of your brow, forever! You will either be team-building or doing speeches to maintain–like the ultra successful do. To make money, you will work to earn it unless you scam it out of people. And guess what, even the scam requires a good deal of work itself.

You will take advantage of people and scheme to gain supporters. You will sell you soul before you finish with this. I am of the opinion that no honest person can think that taking advantage of people’s desperation will bring good karma. It has not done so for me anyway.

Even the Devil has to work to gain souls! He doesn’t have it easy either!

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Republican National Convention Reflections 2012

Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney, hopefully will be announced as the next president for many reasons, but I will share a few that are important for the average American like me.

I took the time to listen to the speeches at the Republican National Convention and found myself enthralled by what was said. I expected firstly a trite few boring stretches of how poorly the nation is doing now–worse than it was four years ago. I was wrong.

Senator Marco Rubio related to me. He spoke about his immigrant parentage from Cuba and their struggle to provide a better future for him and his siblings. I am not descendant of immigrants but slaves. I still identified how my ancestors strove to make a better nation for me.

As a public administrator graduate student, I listened to him follow all the rules of speech-giving with perfection. He knew the right ques to keep me interested and avoid looking bad. His message however that American is great and we can rise above the difficulties in our present time, and we do not have to blame others for our plight, but encourage our situation by working for a better one rang in my soul. It is true.

President Obama has not taken responsibility for the nation. He still speaks of what he was given four years ago. I want the change that he promised and Mitt Romney seems to be that change.

The next First Lady, ANN ROMNEY
The next First Lady, ANN ROMNEY

Ann Romney

Ann Romney was refreshing in her sweetness as she stood and proclaimed to the world that her husband will not fail us and will bring us to success if we choose him to lead America into the future. I saw the conviction in her eyes and there seemed to be no posturing there. she did not have eloquent speech that flowed. She did not look like she studied how to capture an audience. She looked like the happiest woman in the world who loves her husband. She looked like she has complete trust and faith in his ability because she has lived through it for the last 42 years of her life. She makes me want to trust him too. Her speech makes me want to choose Mitt Romney.

MITT ROMNEY, the next president of the USA
MITT ROMNEY, the next president of the USA

Mitt Romney

I listened to his speech and I was immediately taken by his ticks–the movements he makes when he speaks, how many times he blinks his eyes and how well he followed the speech machine. He did it all well. I even noticed one mistake that he made toward the end of his speech that I know will be broadcast somewhere–though I will not bring it to the public.

Mitt Romney‘s father was an immigrant to the States and made it from a poor man to a governor of Michigan without a college degree. He made life better for his family. He was a Mexican American who produced a son that can change this nation.

Mitt Romney is not as graceful with a speech as President Obama is. He gave me solutions in Five steps. He told me his promise to me is to help my family. He says that America is great and restored my confidence in my nation opposed to the President who makes me feel as though I should be embarrassed of my nation.

Five Steps to change from the failures of the last four years:

1, By 2020 We will be Energy independent

2, Increase skills and Jobs Training

3, Forging Trade agreements and impsoing consequences

4. Will cut the deficit and put America on TRACK to a balanced budget

5, Will reduce taxes, clarify rules and regulations and repealing and replacing Obama Care.


He also said that he will not raise taxes on the middle class. I am sold!.

Click on the links embedded in this article to listen to the entire speeches that convinced me Mitt Romney is the man who will save America if we elect him.

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Memory Piece: Life Book One

Memory Piece: Life Book One.

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