The Truth About Online Business Systems

Greetings reader. You may have been touched by the Online Business Systems machine if this article is of importance to you. I will in a brief fashion discuss with you the viability of Online Business Systems money making machine!

First off, Online Business Systems from Herbalife is not a scam. Herbalife is a true company with true products. The Online Business Systems itself, however, may discourage many people from going that route for income after reading this article.

If you are looking for a job and are tight on money, avoid Online Business Systems like the plague!There is nothing there for you and it will not benefit you to participate in the company in the short-run. In the long-run, there may be a possibility, but unless you have some long-run money, be warned.

This program is not meant for people who are jobless and have financial problems. The sad thing about it is that the Online Business Systems preys on the jobless or underemployed for funding.

  • If you do not have a job, do not order any information packet from Online Business Systems of Herbalife.
  • If you do not make a substantial income, do not order or sign up for Online Business Systems of Herbalife(the ‘H’ in Herbalife is not silent by the way).

I am a victim, I mean Herbalife participant.

I love the company and its products. I have and still use them and they work! I like the business set-up, the one that involves having disposable money to use to get started with it.

I have estimated that $10,000 is the amount of money you want to have to get started and be successful. Anything less and you risk failure. The reason is that you want to have room for business losses. Also, by disposable income I mean you won’t miss it if it all goes up in smoke.

Target Audience of Online Business Systems

It is geared to swindling the unsuspecting and desperate person out of hard earned money so that we can make pennies on the dime. Sadly it is true.

No person who has 10 grand just lying around generally seeks out home-based jobs to work unless he sees a future need to develop a network so that he can form a multi-level business. And then, he would have to find others who want to use $10,000 to start a business relationship with Herbalife so that he can grow his business

  • It is not a pyramid scheme because Herbalife sells good quality products being all around the world.

Wealthy people ask questions though, which is why they are wealthy. Wealthy people do not spend money on pleasures as much as we would think. They are wealthy because they know how to save and invest money.

There is a new generation of rich people who make so much money that it does not matter how they spend, they will be rich. Most are not in that category.

  • Poor people don’t know which questions to ask, and therefore make uninformed decisions.

Online Business Systems banks on the hope that the participant will not read the print. The written program does not try to deceive people, but the agents themselves do.

There is an unwritten code that Online Business Systems agents use so that the ethical value of the program is not put into question. The program recruitment is designed to give you as little information as possible building you up step-by-step, which is good.

It is bad when you are told as a last step, after you have invested thousands of dollars that you needed at least 10 grand to really get it going and about six months to a year of time!

  • The fact that Glenn Beck endorsed this program was the only reason I used it.

Virtually they want to trick you into being successful.

Any time any person offers you an online business opportunity, whether it is Herbalife or any other company, know that you are going to come out of your pocket possibly up to 10 grand before you see money flow.

Also, if it works so well, why does the person training new agents have to “mentor” so many people to do it? Some of these men and women have thousands of people working on their “teams” and earning money for them.

The program works, but at whose expense?

It works! The program works, but instead of explaining the business principles to you, they hand hold you along the way and give you bits and portions at a time until you have it all. Once you have all the information, like I do, it is up to you to decide how to keep going with it.

  • It is a brilliant strategy, but it backfires for many people also. The ONLINE BUSINESS does not advertise those stories of course.

I know that it can work, because I have participated in the program until I ran out of finances to invest and my conscience started to bother me about taking money from old women and men who are looking for ways to supplement or replace their retirements.

I had to stop actively seeking to grow my network of agents after spending about two hours on the phone with one of my network members crying about her financial shortfall. She spent more money than I did to get started, but it was literally her life savings. She used it up and had no more money to spend–she only had about seven grand for savings!

During my first contact with a Online Business Systems representative I did not learn this important lesson:

Unless you have $10, 000 of disposable income, you will fail!

The person who trained me did not tell me this from the beginning or I would not have signed up. I initiated many people to the program not telling this important aspect of the business to them.

Start up Costs

I did not learn personally about the 10 grand getting started thing until about $4,000 of irreplaceable family funds were spent and reading the print in my training manual. It wasn’t even fine print. It was regular print, but as I was trained, my trainier distorted the meaning–leading the reader, me, to think that the money from the sales and sign-ups would create continual cash flow–and it can after about six months of constant spending to a year!

It specifically states in the manual that we must be able to spare the money. My trainer conveniently skipped over that part. She told me repeatedly that I will make my money back starting the first month.

I spent $29.95 for the info packet. I then spent $350 for The Online Program. I then spent $2500 for products. I then spent $3000 for leads. By the time several months had passed, I had spent over $5000, and had exhausted my funds. I was spending about $40 a month to maintain my Online Business website.

  • I did make the $29.95 back and the $350 with my first team member, but I had to invest it right back into the business, which I really could not afford to do–no disposable income!!!!!!!

I told my trainer this, and asked her what to do. She responded “I told you it takes time for you to get a return. You knew that going in.”

I was shocked and hurt that she would say that, but she was right. She hinted at it the entire time just like I did with my group of people under me.

I called all of my network members that day and told them how the program really works. Only one couple could afford to continue and be successful at it because they had the disposable income. Everyone else cried because they knew they were out of luck.

You must spend money to make money. If you don’t have any money to begin with then, you are out of luck. I did not have money to begin with. I used some of my school money thinking that I would replace it tenfold. My wife said she would supported me, but did not like the idea. I should have listened.

Truth, the sobering and God’s honest truth!

There are no good counselors who can teach you how to make money online quickly and easy that are legally and ethically sound. There is no program to get rich qucik or work less hours and still be successful and ethical.

To be successful at the Online Business System, I promise you will work by the sweat of your brow, forever! You will either be team-building or doing speeches to maintain–like the ultra successful do. To make money, you will work to earn it unless you scam it out of people. And guess what, even the scam requires a good deal of work itself.

You will take advantage of people and scheme to gain supporters. You will sell you soul before you finish with this. I am of the opinion that no honest person can think that taking advantage of people’s desperation will bring good karma. It has not done so for me anyway.

Even the Devil has to work to gain souls! He doesn’t have it easy either!

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