911 Call Started World War Zimmerman


Time has passed. the sting is not so hard on the ears; but, before Youlisten to this audio, prepare yourself to hear and be shocked again.

It starts out slowly but by six minutes into the audio the horror starts! Listening to that again still brings chills to my spine! I literally wept by the time I finished listening.

You judge. And be warned again of what you will hear.

Sounds Suspicious to Me

U.S. News – Trayvon Martin case 911 call: Screams not George Zimmerman’s, 2 experts say

The voice heard crying for help on a 911 call just before Trayvon Martin was shot to death was not that of George Zimmerman, according to two forensic voice identification experts, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

 It sounds Like Zimmerman!

The problem with the audio is that the 911 operator and those calling in are talking over the screams; but about 6:30 or so into the recording the anguishing cries can be heard. It seems to me that the haunting sounds of the victim yelling for help are the voice of George Zimmerman after listen to his voice in the first minutes of the recording.

The experts say otherwise. It would be easier if there was a recording of Trayvon speaking to make a distinction between the voices. I would argue with the experts on this issue. I am planning to do my own research on this audio.

After listening to that haunting voice, I am traumatized still!

If it was Trayvon’s voice, I am going to be hurt for days. If it is Zimmerman’s voice (which I think it is) I will be anguishing because no one would help him and he had to take another person’s life.

The burden of proof was on the prosecution to prove that Zimmerman did in fact murder Trayvon rather than defend himself from an attack with fatal force. He was acquitted, but the memory is still haunting. George Zimmerman will be a changed man for life.


Dead in My Head: Afterthought

Climb Every Mountain

One of the gentleman standing near the door of the store, a little too well dressed I might add, spoke to me.

“Hey boss, you want to buy some CDs,” he said. “I got’em fa half prices yo.”

“No thank you,” I replied. “I’m good.”

“Whats wrong with you man,” says the other gentleman approaching me slowly. “You new around here? I’on’t remember seeing you before.”

“No, I’m good I need to get going here.”

“Yeah, what you got in that bag? Let me see!” The man took a swipe at my hand and I took off running. I could hear the footsteps behind me. At least three men were chasing me. It was a racial harmony chase too because I noticed the three consisted of Black, White and Hispanic. I am not even sure where the White guy came from!

By this time, as any sane person would expect, I sprinted for my life! I left them in the dust but I knew they were still following. They had the advantage because they knew the neighborhood. When I finally slowed down to look back to see how far ahead I was of them, they were nowhere to be seen. Here I was afraid of the kids in groups that I thought would attack me and the unsuspecting men in front of the store were the ones attempting my undoing.

I took a few moments to catch my breath.

I could hear laughing in the distance so I decided to look at my surroundings. I had no idea where I was. I suppose I was near a highway or something that looked like it. It was unusually dark in this area. The buildings were dark and run down. It looked like an old industrial area. I am sure that I did not run so far, but there I was. I did not know where to go, so I resolved that I had no choice. I would have to defend myself if I saw those guys coming toward me. I received my Black Belt in Kempo Karate, and felt no desire to use it this way. I would much rather run because I did not know how to defend myself without severely injuring the attackers. What if I killed someone? These men were leaving me no choice!

No sooner had I made that determination than came the first guy. He held a chain. I could tell it was the Black guy who questioned me the most. The Hispanic and White guy came on either side of me trying to back me into the largest chain linked fence created! The fence slanted towards a cross walk that led to the highway or whatever it was.

Those guys kept a distance as I hopped back and forth in a fighters stance waiting for them to shoot me or chain whip me. I could defend against two people being unscathed, but three was pushing it. I would have to kill someone.

“All we wanted to do is ask a few questions new fella,” said the Black man, the leader with a smile on his face as he tightened the chain in his grip.

“I have to warn you, I am a black belt. I don’t want to hurt any of you but I will.” My voice sounded miraculously bold and forceful. The White and Hispanic Guys stop approaching for a moment and stared at the leader. I could not see their faces anymore because we had moved near the overpass where the lights were broken. I glance quickly at one of the faded signs almost hidden in the darkness. It had a picture of a pink donut–faded but still tempting as ever. I thought to myself, I am having a donut if I get out of this. Dana will just be upset! 

I lunged forward and clip the leader.

I turned quickly and scaled the fence that was at my back as if I were being chased by wild animals–those men! I must have had Spiderman in my blood because I looked down and there was no way I should have climbed so quickly! I also saw that those three men decided I wasn’t worth the trouble.

I was sore and tired walking down the street. I remembered my cell and punched in the numbers to Dana. For some reason I could not dial the number. I then saw my brother, who should not have been there. He urged me to go with him to get away from the thugs, who were no where to be seen.

He put me on his back and hiked with me for a while. “Alan,” I queried? “I thought you were in Iraq how’d you get here?”

Alan didn’t answer, he readjusted me on his back. I could tell that he had no intention of answering questions or slowing down. I remembered my V8 and asked him to stop so I could refresh myself. I felt so tired that things in the environment looked and felt blurry–strange. He lowered me reluctantly to the ground which I thought was odd seeing as how I am a pretty heavy guy.

I pushed the thought aside as I opened the V8. Laughter literally came out of the can and sounded in the distance. I looked up for my brother, but he was gone and my hands were filled with donuts when I looked back down.

I jumped up off of the sidewalk and said, “I am going for a walk to kill the temptations” as everyone gazed at me a little shocked. They all started laughing. I felt bewildered and really strange.

“Uh uhn. let me see yo wallet,” Sonia screamed. “You know you gon go to the store and buy a candy bar–talking about you gon walk of the temptation.” I know that Sonia had said that to me earlier before I went on my walk, but here I am again I thought

“I promise, I won’t do that,” I said again as if I did not say this all before. “I just need to clear my head and get V8.”

“You want me to go with you,” Trevor said poking at his wife Pam to let her know he was going whether I wanted him to or not. “You shouldn’t be out there alone.” He started to rise. I was about to decline and then my vision or dream I suppose flashed before my eyes.

“I could use some bro time,” I said making a face at Dana. “We will be back shortly.”

“Alright” the ladies said as the other two men joined Trevor and me.

I never told the guys about what happened, but I found out that my dream about that boy whose dad died worked at that store and had gone to work that day. When heThe guy who threatened to call the police on Tray is Mrs Gonzalez’s husband, the uncle. The officer he planned to call is the boy’s mother. Having all the info made me freak inside that I dreamed this all before it happened–save I was alone instead of with a group of friends. It turns out though that my friends represented the good friends of Tray who stood behind me in line.came in he hesitated to listen to his Mrs. Gonzalez, who is the boys aunt, about going home to grieve. He appeared rough and mean, but I was not sensing danger because grief made him appear that way rather than rage

The three dudes that chased me volunteered for the neighborhood watch and are retired special forces. Any new person they saw would be questioned just in case a new 

dealer came to their neighborhood. They had finally flushed all the drugs out of that little area.

I suppose my dream was a warning that I should not be stuck up about fear and mule-hearted about receiving comfort from my buddies.

I choose to believe that it was about donuts and me not eating one. I decided to buy a donut and face the music when I get back to the house.

I had no idea at first what seeing my brother was about since he is in Iraq, but one thing that stood out the entire time was donuts. I took a bite as we headed home.

I heard word from my mother that Alan was back, and the funeral was in five days.


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In the Dark: Afterthought

The streets of Philly are not the most pleasant sight. They are filthy. There is trash everywhere–including people as far as I thought. My friend was right. Maybe I should have asked him to go with me–even though he was just joshing, at least I thought he was until I started walking. There is no way I would have let the “Man Image” down by asking another man to tag along because I was afraid, however.

Truth is, I was afraid. I had not ventured in a neighborhood like this one alone before. I noticed it when we came down from the train, but at night, everything looks so spooky. I started to imagine all those movies that I saw where the unsuspecting victim walks down the dark streets and was attacked by some mugger–some young thug trying to get a new video game or shoes.

 I then thought about who it would probably be, a Black mugger 

seeing as how I was in a predominately Black neighborhood. My guard kept going up and down as I passed a person on the street. I walked near two groups of Black and Hispanic teens cursing and joshing around. It disarmed me to see them so carefree and kind towards each other.

“How are you,” I spoke before I realized it to the second group of teens, a gangly bunch too. Well, maybe a few of them. A few of them

were just too big to be teens, but their faces, even in the dark, were very young.

Too my surprise they all said hello back to me. I then thought of myself. I am not some small little person. I am six feet two inches. I am 195 pounds and actively athletic. I could probably outrun a group of people trying to jump me anyway! In fact I knew I could. I kept telling myself this to un-betray my manhood. I was a small kid the last time I was in a so called “hood.” Truthfully I did not know how to compose myself.

I let my guard down as I saw more teens and young adults walk by. I spoke to some who were taken aback but returned my salute. I grew up in the South, so I have it ingrained in me to speak–even it I am in an urban city where people shoot you for looking at them wrongly.

Once I arrived at the corner store I was a bit relieved to see the lighted area. There were a few gentleman, older than me, standing outside as if they were panhandling. They said nothing to me, but they did regard me conspicuously. I did not like it, but I just walked into the store minding my manners.

I looked away for a second seeing the donut rack.

The first thing I saw was a rack of packaged donuts!









I forced my way past the delectable treats and made my way to the coolers with theV8’s in them. My mouth actually watered for the V8!

Check out line was confusing to me. There was a long counter with all sorts of things on it to buy with two Hispanic people standing behind them. I just popped in the line and waited, hoping I would figure out which person to go to–the man or the woman. The man stood by the lotto tickets, so I supposed him not to be the regular cashier–though he seemed to be taking customers.

A group of Black teens walked into the store and my senses went on alert for some reason. I did not recognize them from the groups I saw before. These kids were nice looking kids with apparel to boot. One really big kid came in shirtless drawing attention to himself while the other kids shopped and took places in line behind me. I felt no threat from them, but the shirtless kid came to stand near me. He was not shirtless anymore. He had on some type of worker vest.

From this kid I felt some intense feelings but still no threat. He was a very large kid. I could see why he went shirtless because he had an impressive physique. He was at least a few inches taller than I and had a deep booming voice.

The woman behind the counter glared at him and said “Tray, you know that you are not supposed to take clothing out of the clerks closet. Go put the vest back and I will say nothing.”

He started waving his long arms threateningly near me as he walked around to the counter entrance for employees to confront the

woman, who did not look the least afraid. The man behind the counter told him that he would call the police.

“Call the po-lice, I ain’t afraid to go to jail. That’s where I belong away! Call’em,” Tray yelled in that booming voice. It seemed like I as

Tray’s friends started yelling for him to stop being a troublemaker. The lady behind the counter held her hands out while looking up at this giant compared to her. I looked away for a second seeing the donut rack, yum. When I turned again Tray was gone and the vest was in the woman’s hands. the only one alarmed at this episode as the customers still purchased things.

“Does this happen often here,” I asked one of the friends

still waiting to purchase her items. She explained to me that every body knew each other in this part of town and Mrs. Gonzales knows that Tray just lost his father. Tray has been trying to cause problems ever since.

He apparently is a football player, tight end. That explained to me his size, well, his genetics explains his size. Football is the nice use of his size. I noticed that he did not use one swear word after the fact and he complied easily. I was impressed. If the only bad thing Tray could think to do was put on a vest at a store and make a lot of noise, then he was doing okay. I sure would not want to meet all

I purchased my V8 and prepared to walk out the store. I was happy that Mrs. Gonzales was so thoughtful as to not call the police on this distraught boy. This was a good neighborhood now. Not too many visitors came to this “hood” though and I stood out. Again, I had a strong feeling–this time a danger feeling. When I opened the doors to the store to walk back tp Sonia n’ems, my opinion changed about the good “hood.”that emotion in an alley mugging.


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    We tend to speak about every forbidden subject! None of us really agreed on politics or religion though we all shared the same faith.

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Laman the Brother of Nephi: Chapter Two

The Book of Laman

I, Laman, took it upon myself to reclaim Father after I heard the strange things that he spoke and wrote in a scroll. Father, Lehi, began to take tools to write for him! As the chief translator and scribe of the estate, he left the bulk of the scribing to Lemuel and Sam, which greatly hindered the process once he started recording his dreams.
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Source: David Keys
Sphynx of Egypt
Sphynx of Egypt

Father did not write the scripts for our associates from Babylon proper! I had given them an oath that they would have their records before they left to travel before the rainy season.
I had to act, for only Father could give the best translation of their tongue. I had charged them an excessive sum, for I knew that no other scribe society but ours had learned their tongue since many sided with Egypt in the political tension. I told Father to remain neutral, though he supported Egypt personally.
Father gave the record to Lemuel, and he began to translate and order the scrolls. It was slow work for my brother, however. He was a genius, but I needed Father to have his mind on work and not some strange visions he began to have.
Mother, Sariah, was too strained with Anna, the wife of Ishmael to help Father scribe, as was her usual task. Mother and Anna planned weddings for our brides to join our families. I was of age and worried little knowing that I had choice among the daughters of Ishmael.
“Father,” I pled. “The men from Babylon do await the scrolls from whom I took a small fortune. These men seek to have their dialect translated into Hebrew for records of the churches of Babylon to be preserved before the rainy season and Lemuel will not finish without your help.”
I spoke to him as he gazed as if I was not there. The more I obtained business for Father, it seemed he became more absent in his mind and distant from me. I needed to concentrate on building the business, not scribbing!
“Father,” I spoke more loudly as he sat in his place on the pillow I bartered for him atop his mat for prayer. He looked into my eyes and I saw distance there that brought me trouble. Then he spoke rapidly—disregarding my plea to help Lemuel.
I do not recall all he spoke, but it was of a vision with fire and a book of strange words that he must eat. He spoke on and on about having to tend to the needs of Jerusalem and go before the people. I thought this strange as he prattled on. He was a member of the council, yes, and a highly respected member. Why though would he speak to the people? That was for the prophets! Did he feel our god spoke to him to take up a role with the prophet?
I muttered a quick prayer to Adonai and the goddess of clarity and wisdom Ninsun. I personally made an image of her that I carried in my cloak for brilliance, and she has yet to fail me.
“We have taken of these children of Judah from Babylon. They are Elders in their quorum and seek our honest work. I have made an oath to them Father to have their work before the rainy season approaches.” I made sure I did not speak with any hint of anger, just urgency. I respect the old law to honor Mother and Father —though I fear Father had become ailing in his old age in the mind—talking of visions. It troubled me that I saw the time approaching were I would have to retire Father and take on the leadership of the family. I would need a wife first.
As I thought upon these things, I heard him say what I thought was some trick for me not listening to all of his prattle.
Said Father, “I must warn the people that Jerusalem will be destroyed”
My mind grew dark and angry. I thought upon what Nephi said that Father spoke only good of Jerusalem not evil like Jeremiah. How could Father say this—being that I am to marry? Mother is at the house of Ishmael arranging to join the two families with Mother Anna!
“Father, our lives are here. I am to run the society here!” I staggered in my speech, earnestly bowing my head to force my anger down and hide my scornful eyes. I could not replace my ailing Father until I marry and he is talking of preaching with those strange ones! It will ruin the business interests I have built for the last two years!
Father spoke with such conviction that I knew the matter was not to be discussed further in opposition. As the eldest son, I had to obey and speak for Father’s decision. I did so to my sisters, but to my brothers I spoke my heart. We all agreed that Father was behaving out of character and needed protection.
Five days did Father preach before business started to suffer. Lemuel frantically worked to complete the records of the men from Babylon before they left for home. Sam worked on other records as I helped Lemuel. People called for their records to be delivered when they saw Father telling them all the evil that will follow them into Babylon! I was shaken and afraid for Father’s welfare! Nephi was there to guard Father each day and told me of the terrible predictions!
We laughed at some, but mourned because of the business loss. I thought it humorous that Father thought Jerusalem could be destroyed. It was large and under the protection of Egypt. The people pay homage to Adonai, the god of the city. He would not let it fall!
I begged mother to speak with Father , but she only raised her hands to Adonai as she faced the temple and said, “I trust Lehi is a prophet. He feels to say these things and I feel to honor him.”
I did not show my true feelings to Mother’s claim to Father being a prophet. I could not imagine it and thought Mother mad! If Father’s madness was catching, I prayed to Ninsun to help me find the cure!

Laman and Lemuel

Source: LDS.org
That night, Father awoke Lemuel and me. He told me that God instructed him to go into the wilderness! I lost my composure and in the loudest whisper, I asked him if he had gone mad! Lemuel quoted scripture and called him a visionary man with such venom that it had to be in derision though he cast his eyes down before Father in respect. Father stared at us with those troubling eyes that seem to pierce me.
“You will prepare the equipment and settle our affairs here as we prepare to go down in the wilderness Laman,” Father commanded in his rumbling voice. I could feel the finality in my chest of his words and dared not show disapproval. I did ask to speak freely of this and question him and he so allowed me with Lemuel’s audience.
He did not hesitate to allow my right, knowing that I have been nothing but loyal and obedient—as far as he knew. I told him that I did not understand his sudden change and it caused me to question his judgment.
“As the first son, I take issue with this new change and I need an explanation if I am to bear this news off to the family Father,” I closed with after bearing my heart.
He tried to explain, and I was almost convinced until he said we must only take provision with us to live—no treasures. I touched my cloak, hoping Ninsun would guide my next words, but she only left me with, “I will obey Father.”
Lemuel repeated my lead, but I could see when I dared to glance up that Father did not believe we were sincere. We were not.
None of us approved! Sam did not protest, but I could see in his eyes he disapproved when I announced it to the family at breaking. My sisters cast their eyes down knowing that they might not marry if we are shamed for abandoning our house after the commotion Father made with his preaching. My heart filled with rage and I understood why some wanted to kill Father. He was so stubborn!
Nephi was not quiet about his disagreement when I spoke to him singularly, but he wanted to please Father. I understood the boy wanting to honor Father. I had to smite him for verbally expressing his disagreement with Father to me. I was Father’s word to the family. He understood and rubbed his shoulder.
“Laman, I can tell that you do not agree with Father as we speak. You might smite my arm again, but I am no fool. What will you do?”
“As usual, Nephi, you are too quick to speak your mind. Father is meditating today. Gather Sam and Lemuel. We will trade before the temple the writings we have finished and have a meeting of brothers away from home. We will honor Father Nephi.”
He bowed his head a little in agreement with worried apologetic eyes and went about as he was told. Ninsun had given me a plan to make this work for our benefit. The wilderness is the best place for Father to go.
This story is based on people mentioned in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. For the actual history and book itself, click the link on the book’s title. It will take you to the site where you can read online.
This work does not attempt to mimic the 19th century English style writing into which The Book of Mormon was translated.
All rights Reserved, Rodric Johnson Copyright 2012

The Book Of Laman Chapter One

Let it be known, that I, Laman, have nothing but the dearest admiration for our father Lehi. He and Mother have in earnest sought after our welfare all the days of our lives. I recall from when first I came to myself that our father Lehi attend all the sacrifices at the temple frequently and taught of the great beauty of the House of Israel and the blessings bestowed upon our people as God’s chosen people. I understood Father then as he spoke to the glory of Zion and the eventual conquest of Judah over all its foes….

{Continue reading] this story of Laman, the eldest brother of Nephi.

This story is based on people mentioned in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. For the actual history and book itself, click the link on the book’s title. It will take you to the site where you can read online.

Sam the Brother of Nephi Chapter Four

The Writings of Sam

And it came to pass that I, Sam, knowing the greatness of the revelations of my father Lehi, and the great love that he had for the Lord God took it upon myself to hearken unto my Brother Nephi who is the younger. Nephi having gone up to a mountain and prayed unto the Lord regarding the vision that father received and the other commandments the Lord has given our father, Lehi, has now received of himself the same conviction that I have received. Our father speaks the truth of his calling as a minister of God.
Nephi left, Sam right
Nephi left, Sam right

Source: LDS.org
After hearkening to the words of my younger brother Nephi, I can truly bear witness that what our father spoke of is true. It came to pass that our father, Lehi, called us to come unto him in the tent in which he did dwell while we lived in the Valley of Lemuel. Father spoke unto Nephi and I, telling us of the command that God gave for us to return to the land of Jerusalem to obtain a record from among our brethren the Jews. Because we had separated ourselves from them, our father, Lehi, distinguished us from our brethren back in the land of our inheritance, but had yet to form a proper name by which to call our small group.
My Father Lehi said unto us “Go, for the Lord hath commanded you to return to the city of the Jews in Jerusalem and retrieve plates of brass which contain the law of the Lord so that he can preserve the commandments of God. Your elder brethren have censured me for thus asking, but unto you, I pray you do not murmur like unto them.”
I bowed my head before my father Lehi. He knew that I, Sam, am not a man of many words and am not disposed to speaking much in gatherings. I am a scribe; and I enjoy my art and employ to my hurt that we have been led to the wilderness to protect the life of my father. I trust that my father Lehi is truly called as a witness of the destruction of the people and was commanded to leave the city and flee into the wilderness.
I have sought my own understanding of what my father Lehi has revealed unto us and have a conviction. My brother Nephi has also sought out the Lord and reveals that he has a great vision and was visited of the Lord to know the things of which father spoke are indeed true. I hearken to his words and respected that he was to have a great part in God’s plan.
Nephi spoke for us both when he told our father Lehi that he would go and do the things, which the Lord has commanded, that we should do. The Lord will give no commandment unto man that he has not also prepared a way for them to completethe commandment that he gives.
So we brothers, Laman, Lemuel, Nephi, and I, Sam went about preparations to return to the city of Jerusalem. Since only we brothers were to return, it saved time in preparations and the journey towards the city. Laman and Lemuel, our elder brothers began to behave more strangely that usually on this journey back to the city of the Jews.
I spoke to Lemuel once and he chastised me for referring to the Jews as if we were not of that same family. I explained that I used the term out of respect to father and his revelations. He said nothing in response to my explanation and made a low hissing sound. I am sure that there was bitterness in his soul because never had father spoken to us as well as them when sending us on assignment. Also, he spoke to us separately as brothers on two sides of the issue of the commandments. Our father Lehi knew that Laman and Lemuel were not in agreement with any of the things that he commanded us. Laman, out of respect, hid his displeasure from the family, or tried to do so. Lemuel was more careless and allowed all of his displeasure to show.
If it were not for Laman, I am of the thought that Lemuel would have abandoned the family and went unto the city of Jerusalem to become a beggar rather than journey with us in the wilderness. Lemuel truly hearkened only to Laman as if he were the leader of the family and not our father.
Laman was the leader of us brothers, but I think that Lemuel hearkening to his words and me hearkening to the words of Nephi may have caused a rift to form dividing us as brothers. I felt as if I had to protect Nephi from the other, though Nephi did more to protect me his elder brother. Of the four of us brothers, I did not inherit the large stature that Nephi and Laman had or the intellect that Lemuel possessed. Father said that wisdom and skill were my blessings. He often referred to my ruddy looks and though I was fair to look upon, that was of small consequence.
I respected all my brothers because each had a gift that helped my family. Laman’s leadership, Lemuel’s intellect, Nephi’s bravery and conviction and my confidence. I did not doubt that the Lord could lead us. I did not doubt my mind when I came to a conclusion; and I obeyed Father.
On our trip to Jerusalem to speak unto Laban, things changed between us brothers permanently for me. After we journey we met outside the city to have conference to see who would go to the house of Laban and seek the plates. Lemuel suggested that we draw lots to see who would go. I thought that Laman should go, being the eldest; and the lot fell to him anyway.
While Laman went to seek the records, we returned onto the house of my father and asked for Saul, my father Lehi’s chief servant, to inform us of the news since we have been gone. What he revealed to us brought us great sadness and agitation.
“I knew that evil would come of us leaving,” Lemuel hissed to me while his face burned with color. Lemuel could hardly contain himself from tears it seemed. He only controlled himself when Laman was near. “The elders think that Father left the counsel and abandoned his house!”
Unfortunately, it was true, as Saul had reported. The members of the counsel constantly questioned Saul about the return of our father Lehi of which he could give no answers. If Father did not send word to them, he would lose his seat, be removed from the record and given over to the authorities, as were Jeremiah and the others called “strange ones.” I called them prophets.
We returned to our meeting place without the city walls to await Laman’s return. Lemuel went on speaking to himself about not being able to return to Jerusalem now that the family was shamed. Father had spoken to Laban some time ago about viewing the records in his custody and arranged to see them. Laban displayed them to a private party and Father expressed an interest to purchase them on several times in the past I know. I doubt this news from Saul of my father Lehi’s standing in the community being negative was very helpful to Laman as he went about to Laban’s home to get the plates.
It came to pass that after some time of Lemuel ranting to himself almost to the point of calmness, Laman bolted towards us with instructions for us to flee into the outer wall of the city and converse.
We conversed for hours as Laman kept looking up and around to see if the guards of Laban had followed him. I thought it odd but not surprising that Laban called him a robber. I had never seen my eldest brother so terrified in my years of life! Seeing such fear in his eyes made me doubt and fear knowing that God commanded us to go and get the plates. I would not return to my father without the plates. I did not know how to communicate that to the others, but I knew that God had commanded my father to send us here.
Nephi did not participate in the discussion other than to listen as Laman debated with himself verbally on what the next step to take would be. Lemuel offered no help other than trying to figure out ways to control the damage our trip into the wilderness caused the image of our father.
“When he fled,” Lemuel reasoned, “the elders counsel and quorum thought he did so out of shame for having spoken against the city and the people–calling them to repent before the city is laid to waste and its people carried away into Babylon! I would be angry also if he called me a sinner.”
“Lemuel,” Laman chastised, “You remember of whom it is that you speak. I am the elder brother. I speak for Father and I speak about him. It is my right.” Laman sat down after he spoke thinking of what to do next. Lemuel stood stung by Laman’s words waiting patiently I suppose for a manner to exercise the same authority over Nephi and me.
“This is it,” cried Laman. “By Ninsun this is it.”
“Who or what is Ninsun,” I questioned. Laman’s face blanched and he grabbed a notched place in his cloak.
“Sam, it is a pagan reference I picked up in my travels.”
“It sounds like a foreign god I have heard of from among the Babylonians brother,” I said. I knew that I made an accusation then, but I am no coward when it comes to defending my God. I had known for some time that the pagan gods of the nationals we did trade with may have affected Laman, but not to this extent and I would have him reckon with me this day on it. I had no intention to follow or consort an apostate to the Lord God.
“Sam,” Laman said with anger in his voice as he stood to confront me. I stood before him awaiting him to explain. He looked down upon me as if expecting me to bow out in respect as at times before because I honor his command as the one chosen of Father. I could and would not until he explained himself.
“Why are you angry brother,” I asked. Laman’s eyes burned and I knew that he would strike me if he had found a valid reason to do so.
“Sam,” he said again. “I have just been threatened by the guards of Laban to take away my life and my own brother would rise up against me because of a misplaced word.”
“I am sorry brother,” I admitted once I realized how quickly I had forgotten why we are in this place. I bowed my head and asked him to pardon me, which he did quickly and put his arms around me exhaling deeply as if releasing all of his anger, which I know he did. He held me too tightly and long because I perceived his thoughts as it were almost.
I did not fear my brother, but he was a strong man and large in stature. I felt that he wanted to attack me for questioning him, a feeling I had never felt before. I suppose that having fled for his life and being challenged by me, Sam, when I should have been comforting him cause him to have a bad moment.
“Laman,” I said as we embrace and his body lost its tautness as he lost anger. “I did not think to offend you brother when I spoke those words. I should know that you have just fled for your life and are trying to keep Fathers commands.”
I gather he thought to hide the anger in his eyes by embracing me before I perceived it. It was his custom to embrace us often when he was angered. I suppose it allowed him to release the emotion without harming us. I could perceive this in people. Nephi and Laman shared this trait with one another, though Nephi had control over his anger and rarely experienced such emotions. Nephi and Laman were the same in speech and manner and likeness. I could tell that Nephi adored Laman, but Laman did not share that same feeling for Nephi yet I knew they love one another.
Laman began again to explain what his thought was. He said that we could return to our father Lehi in the wilderness and explain that Laban would not give us the record and tried to have Laman killed. Laman explained that we could convince Father to return to Jerusalem, clear up the issue, and clear his name of the ill spoken of it. I did not like this plan but it made logical sense to me. I could find no reason to disagree.
After Saul had spoken to us about the threats from those who sought to kill Father because of his words, I thought it a good idea to see if it is what the Lord would command. I did not think so, but I knew that if Father said it to Laman he would listen. I allowed my desire to show my support to cloud my mind to the vow I made not return without the plates.
As I opened my mouth to say I would not go down to our father without the plates, Nephi opened his and in a very sure voice made an oath using the same words I had used to make my vow that we would not go down to Father without the records. I saw in him then a leader and a rival to Laman.
“As I was about to say Nephi,” I said as we walked to one another and embraced.
“How do you suppose we get them,” Lemuel asked with a look of astonishment on his face, no doubt because Nephi disagreed with Laman.
“I have a plan if Laman will allow it,” he acquiesced to Laman just in time to prevent another “I am the eldest brother” speech from Laman.
“Our father has much gold…” Nephi started to explain. I could see Laman’s eyes brighten, for he understood gold very well and quickly agreed that Laban would trade some of Father’s wealth for the records.

This story is based on people mentioned in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. For the actual history and book itself, click the link on the book’s title. It will take you to the site where you can read online.
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Sam The Brother of Nephi Chapter Six

The Writings of Sam

It came to pass that we brothers arose the next morning and prepared the animals to transport father’s wealth to the House of Laban that following late afternoon. I arose first though my moorings were off as the wine I drank was prepared in its strength. I preferred it to the water, but not to such a strong mix. Never did we partake of strong drinks in my fathers house save when Lemuel prepared or procured the wine. My brother took liberty to obtain it in its strength because of mother’s absence. Father indulged in wine in his youth and mother has not allowed strong drink since father stopped indulging–well before our births.
Source: LDS.org
I fear I enjoy wine as much as father, which is why I swore off of it thenceforth in its strength. A little wine keeps the water healthy.
As I saw my brothers, a foreboding spirit lingered, loomed over my head. I did mourn to disrupt in any way the good feelings between the young Nephi and Laman. As much as they drank, Nephi and Laman arose in cheerful disposition. Each hugging each other and congratulating the wisdom of their plan to obtain the Plates of Brass from Laban.
“When the transaction involves gold,” Laman began, “I am sure of its purpose! With two chests of gold and valuables, Laban is sure to agree.” He grabbed Nephi by the shoulder and patted his head. Nephi appeared to flush with color as if he had received the wedding kiss from the maiden of his dreams!
I could see how he honored Laman and wanted so much to please him; we all wanted to please Laman. Poor Laman was accused as a robber and driven from the home of Laban like a common thief. I am sure the very act of running wounded him. I know my brother well enough to know that revenge was in his heart for that act of Laban’s. He had not showed it yet. Somehow, Laman’s pride and Laban’s suspicion troubled me as the eventual cause of issues in obtaining the plates.
After we loaded the animals, we had some time to speak, which I had hoped to mention my feelings to my brothers. To our surprise we saw the sons of Ishmael and three of his daughters as they went near my father’s home. They stole away to father’s house and we kissed each other and greeted each other in the safety of our house. Immediately all of my worry left as I saw my friends, especially Hannah.
It is not the custom for young men and women to mingle as such, but this was a special case for us. We had thought never to see them again. Hannah was my childhood friend and the object of my thoughts mush afterwards. She, of all women, captured my mind more than any woman could! I forebear speaking of her in detail out of respect for her, yet she was and is my best friend. Spending time with them occupied the best of the morning as we updated them on all that had happened.
Joshua and Zenos were astonished that Laban had sent his guard after Laman, but their report about the happenings in the city were just as astonishing. Public debates had started in the streets about Babylon and Egypt and more prophets and “strange ones” were imprisoned.
“Father is now feeling a need to speak out and warn the people as well, though he has received no instruction to do so as of yet,” Zenos revealed. “I fear that our father may be joining your father soon if he acts on what he has discussed with mother. She has told him that God told her in a dream that she would flee to a new land and be mother to a great people.”
“We are all speculating in my father’s house,” added Joshua. “I for one think it is foolishness and will go away when the festivals have ended and the strangers in the city have gone home. With them, These people bring uneasiness each year. It will pass.”
“I hope so brother,” Laman responses. “Father is sure that we will not return to this place and we are going to obtain means to remain in the wilderness. I cannot tell you more for fear that you may be compromised. Since you fled us in the temple gate that day, I fear to trust you.
A smile churned behind Laman’s eyes as he kissed his friend.
“You should blame Nephi. If I had a chicken for each time he caused trouble I would eat for a month,” Joshua protested. “Surely you are not upset….”
“No,” Laman and Lemuel said in unison laughing too hard for the incident. It seemed that we all had nervous energy that needed to release because we all laughed a little too hard at that moment.
“I am not so sure,” Zenos spoke, “that all of these goings on are frivolous and temporary. I get a feeling in my bones of change. I feel to go some place, yet I have duties to attend and farms to tend.:
“Oh man;” responded Joshua. “I know you feel to flee some place. Is not the one you like in the wilderness. We have all been promised.” Laughter filled the air again followed by a strange silence. Through the laughter, I discerned we all felt troubled by the goings on.
“I am concerned about all of these things surely,” Lemuel added while we all agreed for several more moments in silence..
I glanced at Hannah as the others spoke on. I knew that God had a plan and that father is a prophet We all were promised to each other and then my father fled into the wilderness to never return to Jerusalem. Though we did not live within the walls of the city, I still had love for it, for her,
I had love for Hannah as did Laman for Hadassah and lemuel for Noa and Nephi for Serach–we all loved! I knew never to act on my thoughts. None of us dared to risk our lives for just a day when we could wait and have a life with them. I did not know if we would yet live. Again the feelings returned to me as we bid our friends farewell with long embraces. We would soon need to head to Laban’s home.
“Laman, Nephi and Lemuel,” I started. “Each brother looked at me intently for I rarely spoke to all of them at once. “I had a dream that I must confess.”
Nephi’s eyes widened with interest as Lemuel threw his hands up in exasperation and said,”I had hoped that we would not get an omen!”
“Do not fear,” Laman soothed Lemuel with a calm and unreadable face. “You know how I feel about dreams Sam. I will hear you, but you are not father. If anyone will get a dream to change this mission it would be me, the eldest.”
“I do not challenge your direction brother,” I confessed. “Just hear me please and you be the judge of what it means. I know that my confidence is in the Lord. Hear me please.”
“No riddles, little brother,” Laman accented. “I weary of these tasks, though we will accomplish them I am sure.”
“It is good that you share this dream,” Nephi speaks as if he would be the judge. “I am sure it will be helpful.”
They sat before me as I related all that I felt in my heart about the dream, which took a small moment.
“This would explain much,” Laman admitted after moments digesting my sayings. You may have a vision. Why did not God give it to you before I went to Laban’s to save us the trouble?” He stood smiling.
“We have gold now brother,” Laman shouted with glee. “We are not robbers and I will avenge my honor with this proof.” He pointed to the treasures of my father as he and Nephi exchanged gleeful looks. I could not deny I felt we should find some other means to gain the records
God commanded we should have them, so we should ask Him how to obtain them. I could not defy Laman. I had no logical grounds to do so or I would. .For father was my lord and I would honor the word of God through him, but I did not trust this plan of Nephi and Laman.
I would go with them. I would speak no more of it. As we approached the court of Laban, I looked about for places to escape instinctively. In my heart I knew this would be a short and dangerous meeting.
This story is based on people mentioned in The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. For the actual history and book itself, click the link on the book’s title. It will take you to the site where you can read online.
This work does not attempt to mimic the 19th century English style writing into which The Book of Mormon was translated.
All rights Reserved, Rodric Johnson Copyright 2013