Democratic National Convention: Reflections 2012

Come Away

Before I began my remarks, I want to identify as a conservative independent. I lean heavily in favor of the Republican party, but cannot come to terms with all of its nuances. I also accept many views of moderate Democrats. I love my president and I honor his office and think that he is a good man.

What I was not impressed with has nothing to do with President Obama significantly, but with how the DNC was conducted. My first point of contention is the speakers–the less important ones. I forced myself to watch the DNC, the entire thing! I did not watch the RNC, only 5 of the speeches, which included Mitt Romney. I did not even watch the Clint Eastwood comedy act. I reserved the time for the sitting president’s party out of respect to see what the rank and file Democrat has to say about America and I only like parts of it.

I had to take a breather and meditated on what I saw before writing this. In comparison to the RNC, the DNC did poorly overall. I came away from the RNC speeches that I heard feeling hopeful and proud to be American. I felt good about my heritage as a pioneer.

I left the DNC feeling robbed and deflated. I am biased I know. I honestly want to believe that the people in leadership represent my values, but I cannot find a single Democrat in leadership that I can identify with and it concerns me. The DNC seemed like a Fourth of July company picnic rather than a convention for a presidential nominee! The people there seemed to be looking for entertainment rather than to support the party.

My next bone is with the speech of Bill Clinton. Yes, it was entertaining but it was not informative and he out right lied on the Republicans and Mitt Romney in parts of it. How do I know? I listened to the speeches! He said that Mitt Romney is going to raise taxes on the middle class. Well, Mitt in his on speech says the opposite and he did so very clearly so that everyone could understand. Bill Clinton did not speak about what Romney promised to do, but what he assumes Republicans will do. That assumption makes me distrust him even more.

Third, why Bill Clinton? I do not honor his opinion as he disgraced my nation. I was overseas when the fiasco about his indiscretion came out. Every foreigner that discovered that I was an American wagged a head of shame at me. I felt ashamed of my country because of the former president. He is a an embarrassment and I would not listen to him because he dishonored himself.

Fourth, it is tradition for the Vice President to speak the night before the presidential nominee. I did not appreciate the change and see it as a slap in Joe Biden’s face. That alone makes me question President Obama and his choices. Biden could very well be the next commander in chief, but he was removed as speaker so that a scandalous person could speak instead!

If I were him, I would call into question the change in program. I would ask “President Obama, you trust me enough to be the next president if something happens to you but not enough to speak in my traditional role?” I suppose he took one for the team.

What I left with from the DNC is that the pinnacle of my existence is to become middle class. Once I have reached that plateau I am done in life. That is not my dream. I don’t just want to be middle class. I want the opportunity to be more than just in the middle. The RNC gave me hope that I could if I put the work in. The DNC made me think that middle class is where it is at!

Clinton made me feel like all I can achieve is the middle and I should be happy with that because that’s what we need, a strong middle class. Rubio made me feel like I can at least help my children do better if anything at all. I felt some hope that my family could achieve financial greatness even if it never happens–I like that hope that it might.

I give the DNC a letter grad of ‘C’ for giving an average convention. I would have given a ‘C-minus’ if it wasn’t for Michelle Obama. Her speech was great. She really impressed me and I could feel the earnestness in her words.

Lastly, President Obama’s speech killed if for me. I have to honestly say that the sound of his voice is starting to make me angry. As much as I love my president, and I do, his voice gets on my nerves. Each time he opens his mouth I feel like I am being lied to about something. I don’t like to admit that, but it is the truth.

I figure I am going through a love-hate thing because I support Romney, but I still support Obama also as the sitting president. I am ready for a change. I gave him my full support after the election and I am not happy with most of what he has done. I like some of the healthcare reform. I like the fact that jobs were created. I do not like how the health reform came to pass and I don’t like the fact that for the last three years he has not taken personal responsibility for his nation’s problems.

He keeps talking about what was handed to him or what he inherited. Okay, thanks for saying that. Now that it is yours, stop talking about what you received and go ahead and take ownership for the love of America! He wants another four years. I want him to own the last four years we gave him!

He should have let Bill Speak for his turn and maybe I would not have been bored to tears. If he wins another four years, I pray that I can be charitable to him and not detest the sound of his voice. I really do love him, because he is doing a job that only a few choice people can do–lead the free world.

I love him for taking the chance and putting himself on display like that. Some times I get upset with the people that I love. In his case though and unlike my family, I can vote whether or not he has supporters in office. I might not be able to vote for him, but I can vote for the people he gets to work with. I see that my heart is already turned against voting for him. If he wins though, I will support him as leader. I may not agree with all of his policies but at least he honors his family relations. Now with that I can identify. 

Rodric29 8 weeks ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author
Because you were willing to say something about it, I think the thief was s obliged to remove the stolen article. Thank you for being the aggressor in this matter.

Kim Cantrell 2 months ago from Deep In The Pages of a Book

Rodric, I just wanted to give you a heads up that this Hub has been stolen and reposted at http://www.politics-socialissues [dot] com/democratic-national-convention-reflections-
As mine were stolen as well, I have filed complaints with Google, Hosting provider, and the thief at If those of violated will ban together, hopefully we can shut this creep down. Thanks for your time!
ib radmasters 7 months ago from Southern California
The best way to do that is to pray he loses the election.
Unfortunately God is not electing the president, it is the people and they are lost.
Obama is looking a lot like Moses, lost in the desert. 🙂
Rodric29 7 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author
ib radmasters, shame on you for that. You crack me up. I understand that Obama is not who many of us want to lead us any more. I have to love him and pray for him while he is in office. I want to make sure he does nothing to harm the American people. Only and act of love and the power of Heaven can intervene on our behalf–and that goes for any person who will be in the presidential chair. I love him, but I cannot stand to hear him speak! Is that no t strange?
Rodric29 7 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author
Thanks for reading NayNay2124. I see not need to demonize those who disagree with me because it is our great privilege to have the right to speak about our political differences without fear. I want the diversity of opinion. I think that is what makes us great as a nation, that we allow different views and will die to uphold that freedom to continue. Because I am independent, I tend to change my views as more information come available to me. I need the differences.
NayNay2124 7 months ago Level 2 Commenter
Rodric29, what I liked most about your hub is your honesty, but yet you didn’t demonize and disrespect our President. I think it is truly unfortunate that republicans are very quick to point out that President Obama didn’t take our country to the financial prosperity we all expected. One of the reasons he was unable to do a lot of the things needed to improve our economy is because the republicans agenda throughout President Obama’s presidency was to obstruct anything this President tried to do to help to fix the economy. I could agree with the republicans if they would have gotten on board with some of President Obama’s ideas, and then if they didn’t work we would all agree that he wouldn’t deserve a second term. If there is a failure here, it lies with the republican party for making a commitment to cause this President to fail, and the hard working Americans in this country were the collateral damage to their agenda. I think the American people are very smart, and are now going to show their disagreement with the republican agenda. I think your hub was refreshing though, because it wasn’ t hateful or disrespectful, unlike some hubs I have read. We may not agree, but I do hear and respect your opinion. Voted up and interesting.
ib radmasters 7 months ago from Southern California
I stopped reading when I saw you loved your president.


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