Weakness in Dozens: Afterthought


Two boxes of assorted donuts sat on the living room table. I could not believe my misfortune. Of all the days to have my favorite dessert seductively parading in front of me! My wife and I had just agreed the day before to go on a vegan diet for six weeks for some sort of cleansing. It’s not like I agreed to do it willingly. She buys all of the groceries, so it was either that or get McDonald’s each day of the six-week diet.

I thought about it for a while. I, of late, have been reading those relationship magazines because I want to make the whole marriage thing work. One of them suggested to support your spouse even when the ideas she comes up with seem strange and to be there to pick up the piece if those ideas fail.

I could do that, so I did it. Now I just want a donut. We were at a friends home in Philly. Several of our friends, all couples, came from all over the country just to have a reunion it seems, but It was impromptu. Dana and I happened to be in New York for a Home Schooling conference, so we decided to take the train to Mark and Sonia’s house just to surprise visit. Apparently, four other friends decided to do a surprise visit being in the area for different reasons. I had forgotten how rowdy we all are when we get together.

 I was starting to hate the relationship magazines. 

We tend to speak about every taboo subject! None of us really agreed on politics or religion though we all shared the same faith. I heard the back and forth as I eyed those donuts. I could feel my mouth watering and my stomach churning. I looked at my wife and then at the donuts. Dana smiled lovingly knowing that I would not break the agreement because she read the same magazine that I read! I hated that I let it out that I wanted to work on the trust and support issues.

I also read in the magazine that in supporting a spouse you should not resent agreements made with full understanding and agreement. I could never resent that smile of hers, and she knew it! I could surely resent the agreement, though.

I was starting to hate the relationship magazines. I will place all my anger toward the diet on the magazines. I think I was tricked into this. I didn’t need a cleanse of my body! I needed a donut! A big fluffy powered donut!




“Chase,” Sonia said snapping me out of my lust for donuts for a second. “You been eyeing those donuts since I put them out. Why you not eating?”

I smiled and looked at my wife again who simply returned the smile and shook her head with her nose pointed to the sky. “I am on a diet,” I said.

“Dana, What is this about a diet?”

“Girl, we started yesterday,” Dana explained. “After all these kids it is time to do some cleansing! Chase agreed to do it with me.” She winked at me.

“Dana, you don’t need to loose any weight,” Meagan offered with her husband Dequan shaking his head in full agreement. “Chase is already 20 pounds away from bones, and you are still nursing a baby. You need all the calories you can get.”

It went back and forth likes this for a while with friends trying to convince Dana to postpone the diet. I agreed with them, but I made the agreement. Dana had put on a few pounds, but it looked good on her. I have never been overweight. I was still athletic and limber from my college days–and I intend to stay this way.

I saw the donut waved in front of my face and I almost took a bite. It had only been one day, and I was struggling! But it was donuts! Oh, cruel world. I looked at my wife again, and she finally submitted. She said I could have one donut.

I picked it up with savor, a huge powdered donut. I knew that it was full of calories and bursting with flavor. I fixed my mouth for the first bite, and a monster ripped passed and snatched the donut from my grasp! It was a three-year-old. It was my three-year-old.

“No donut Daddy. You and Mommy are on a vegan diet,” she said as she stuffed the donut in her mouth and smiled as if I were not about to attack her!

“Well, Deyshae has decided that you cain’t have it,” Sonia laughed out.

I was upset. We brought the two youngest kids with us and left the older two at home with Dana’s mother and father. I wished that Deyshae would just disappear right then. Boy, I wanted to pull the parent card, but she looked so cute with all the powder on her face. I just laughed and reached for another donut.

I looked at my wife and changed my mind. “Dana, you guys, I think I am going to stick with my diet. ”

I picked Deyshae up and cuddled her for a moment as she squirmed to get away. I sat in a chair for a moment with my eyes closed. Visions of donuts started dancing in my head. Before I knew it, I was fantasizing about donuts!




Yum yum, yum yum eat them on a bed!



“I am going for a walk to kill the temptations” I blurted out in agonizing volume to drown out the jingly in my head as everyone gazed at me a little shocked. They all started laughing.

“Uh uhn. let me see yo wallet,” Sonia screamed. “You know you gon go to the store and buy a candy bar–talking about you gon walk off the temptation.”

“I promise, I won’t do that,” I said telling it more to my wife than Sonia. “I just need to clear my head and get V8.”

“You want me to go with you,” Trevor said poking at his wife, Pam. “You shouldn’t be out there alone.”

“I’m fine,” I retorted. “I will be back, you guys–shortly.”

“Okay babe, don’t get lost,” Dana waved me out.

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Phdast7, thank you for sharing. I think that you have given me more access to other readers. I noticed that I never commented to you about this hub response you have provided. I have two others in connection to this. I try not to publish without having a part two and three if I plan to make a series.

Thanks again for supporting my art!


I enjoyed writing this.


I appreciate your comment Phdast7 and your praise. Thanks for reading my hub.


Ha! I just caught that. I think I will fix it up.

50 Caliber 

Rodric, it’s hub not hug LOL great story line I’ll be checking the rest,


Thanks Ruby for reading. There are others related to this one if you want to take a read.

What a great story…can’t wait for part 2. You write very well. 🙂 SHARING with others.

Think twice, before another bite, great hub!

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