Republican National Convention Reflections 2012

Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney, hopefully will be announced as the next president for many reasons, but I will share a few that are important for the average American like me.

I took the time to listen to the speeches at the Republican National Convention and found myself enthralled by what was said. I expected firstly a trite few boring stretches of how poorly the nation is doing now–worse than it was four years ago. I was wrong.

Senator Marco Rubio related to me. He spoke about his immigrant parentage from Cuba and their struggle to provide a better future for him and his siblings. I am not descendant of immigrants but slaves. I still identified how my ancestors strove to make a better nation for me.

As a public administrator graduate student, I listened to him follow all the rules of speech-giving with perfection. He knew the right ques to keep me interested and avoid looking bad. His message however that American is great and we can rise above the difficulties in our present time, and we do not have to blame others for our plight, but encourage our situation by working for a better one rang in my soul. It is true.

President Obama has not taken responsibility for the nation. He still speaks of what he was given four years ago. I want the change that he promised and Mitt Romney seems to be that change.

The next First Lady, ANN ROMNEY
The next First Lady, ANN ROMNEY

Ann Romney

Ann Romney was refreshing in her sweetness as she stood and proclaimed to the world that her husband will not fail us and will bring us to success if we choose him to lead America into the future. I saw the conviction in her eyes and there seemed to be no posturing there. she did not have eloquent speech that flowed. She did not look like she studied how to capture an audience. She looked like the happiest woman in the world who loves her husband. She looked like she has complete trust and faith in his ability because she has lived through it for the last 42 years of her life. She makes me want to trust him too. Her speech makes me want to choose Mitt Romney.

MITT ROMNEY, the next president of the USA
MITT ROMNEY, the next president of the USA

Mitt Romney

I listened to his speech and I was immediately taken by his ticks–the movements he makes when he speaks, how many times he blinks his eyes and how well he followed the speech machine. He did it all well. I even noticed one mistake that he made toward the end of his speech that I know will be broadcast somewhere–though I will not bring it to the public.

Mitt Romney‘s father was an immigrant to the States and made it from a poor man to a governor of Michigan without a college degree. He made life better for his family. He was a Mexican American who produced a son that can change this nation.

Mitt Romney is not as graceful with a speech as President Obama is. He gave me solutions in Five steps. He told me his promise to me is to help my family. He says that America is great and restored my confidence in my nation opposed to the President who makes me feel as though I should be embarrassed of my nation.

Five Steps to change from the failures of the last four years:

1, By 2020 We will be Energy independent

2, Increase skills and Jobs Training

3, Forging Trade agreements and impsoing consequences

4. Will cut the deficit and put America on TRACK to a balanced budget

5, Will reduce taxes, clarify rules and regulations and repealing and replacing Obama Care.


He also said that he will not raise taxes on the middle class. I am sold!.

Click on the links embedded in this article to listen to the entire speeches that convinced me Mitt Romney is the man who will save America if we elect him.

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