Reflection on 2012 Presidential Debate: Mitt Romney Won!….The First Debate

Look at that Face

President Obama spent the most of the debate giving an uncomfortable angry look evident in his eyes as Mitt touched on many of the problems associated with the current administration. He looked uncomfortable and did a lot of babbling and attempts at disinformation about Romney’s tax plan. It was almost as if the president purposely tried to bully Romney into accepting his inaccurate explanation of the Romney tax plan. President Obama did not represent himself well and came into the debate at a disadvantage because everything that is wrong with the nation since 2008 happened on his watch.

When Mitt Romney checked the president multiple times about the 98 billion or so dollars he spent on energy companies of which half went bankrupted I thought the president would shed tears. The fact that he wasted so much money to fund failing and failed ventures gave him a black eye when he suggested that we can tell a lot about people by the way they budget.

President Obama wanted to suggest that Mitt Romney wants to gut the education funding and other support programs because he could not understand how he could cut the deficit without raising taxes on the middle class. Romney turned the insinuation around on the president and explained that raising taxes on anyone was bad. He wanted to grow the amount of jobs so that more people can pay taxes creating revenue that way. He mentioned it several times. President Obama never seemed to grasp or accept that idea that Romney’s plan was a good solution, which is why we should give Romney a chance to execute his plan this November

.Hat’s off to Romney

The debate is between the president and Mitt Romney. Why did President Obama look at the camera in response to Mitt’s questions or accusations? I wanted him to answer him directly the way Romney answered. Obama did not answer question directly during the debate at all. He was not concise in attempts to answers any questions addressed to him. I was disappointed personally in his responses..

The president was correct stating that Mitt Romney gave no specifics about his plan of attack for each of his five points. However, Romney eloquently explained that principles guide his plan of action that he intends to construct with a bi-partisan group. He also reminded Obama that he himself did not detail a plan during his presidential bid in 2007 for office but provided guiding points. Apparently, there was no plan after his election either because the president has only made the debt grow–the opposite of what he said would happen. Romney was clear about pointing out how Obama did not keep his campaign promises.

Obama tried once to remind us that he inherited a major problem, but Romney reminded him that the problem grew because of the bad decisions Obama made since inheriting it. He compounded the issue by spending more money in the wrong places. He wants four more years to try more things–maybe even to fix the problem. Romney suggests we fire Obama. He had four years to break promises he has made. Should we give him four more years? When is it a good time to get out of a bad relationship? NOW!

He promises he will change and do better, but in the end will he?The Passion of Mitt Romney

Romney was confident and he took notes while the president spoke so that he could address what was being said. He put the president on the defensive most of the night. President Obama attacked only to be repulsed by explanation. He seemed to think that if he repeated something enough he could make it and idea that the listeners would take away remembering, which is true. Romney understood that concept also and repeated things also, but not as often as he should have. That may hurt him if he does not pick up the pace. He needs to reiterate his points so often that it becomes second nature to say them as breathing.

He showed more passion than the president did about his talking points. He used more examples of working people than the president. He showed that he cares about the people and the joblessness in this nation. He continued to express his desire to create jobs for Americans and not to raise taxes. He showed his passion more abundantly in this debate than any other time in his campaign. He connected with the people and was open to his emotions. It runs deeply in his words, his love for this country. It runs deeply in his words his respect for the office of president.

He does not like poverty it is evident. He wants to fight it by helping to influence the development of job growth. Round one to Mitt Romney with two more to go!

I want more! I look forward to the Vice Presidential debate to see the other side of the Romney coin, Ryan. I also want to see what Biden has to say that will support another four years of Obama.

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Comments 12 comments
Rodric29 6 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author

gaeparks, I am sure that we watched the same debate but our perspectives are different. Romney lied about nothing. You are making broad accusations with no specific evidence to the fact. Obama didn’t change his mind about things? What about gay marriage, the war on terror, the Gitmo prison, the budget, immigration policy, raising taxes and bi-partisan collaboration? These are the things I can name off of my head. He did do good things in office, but he did not do what he promised to do regarding the economy–he in fact, in creased it by over 400%.

Romney says that he can fix it. He made promises that based on his ability he can turn the country around. He also promises that he can do it in a bi-partisan way. He has already done so in his state of Massachusetts. I am ready to give his a try based on his record. Based on Obama’s record he should be fired for non-performance. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on as far as a record goes. Also, his supporters blames everything on the Republicans. Well, he, president Obama, is the leader and is supposed to unite the country and try to work things out. The president is not willing to compromise to come to a consensus. Also, I could not support a president that does not mirror my Christian values. I am not saying he has to be a Christian, but most religions share certain values. The democratic party has not value system and accepts any and everything a person can imagine it seems. I cannot identify with that. I also identify with the Republican, though I am independent. I will stick with the safer party

‘Rodric29 6 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author

Peanutroaster, the second debate was close as  far as passion of the president, but that is all. Mitt Romney won that debate because he actually answered more questions than the president and he debunked all of Obama’s accusations against him

peanutroaster 6 months ago from New Hampshire Level 3 Commenter

Second debate turned out much different.

gaeparks 6 months ago from North Las Vegas, NevadaLevel 2 Commenter

Rodric29…have you been following the constant backlash to Governor Romney’s misstatements ..lies? He was fact checked by his own staff about the health care issues as well as others. He has lied repeatedly throughout the debate. He has changed about seven issues compared to what he actually believes as well as what the GOP stands for. So…either he lied, or the GOP has supported those “restatements” for the purpose of having him attempt to seem like he is for the “common people” which he is NOT!

Rodric29 6 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona Hub Author

Gaeparks, thanks for commenting and posting your support for President Obama. What proof do you have the Mitt Romney is a liar? What did he do or say that was a lie that makes you assassinate his character in such a manner?

What is this about reacting that you speak of? The president did react. He reacted by misinformation and deflection like he has in the past. He promised us he would cut the deficit. He Lied. He promised us he would bring the troops home. He lied. He promised us he would not raise taxes. He lied. Are you sure you did not mistaken write about Mitt Romney and actually mean to write about Barrack Obama?

No one is even bothered about race in this debate issue. There were two men debating about the future of this nation. I could care less about their color. I want solutions and ideas. Every idea that Obama has touch crashed down around us–especially his 98 billion dollar spending on energy that did not amount to one kilowatt!

He handled the debate by not winning! Gaeparks, you are blind to the truth of his record. Even with Obama being the president, Mitt Romney has a better resume to be the leader of the free world than the president does.

Mitt Romney told us what he is all about–creating jobs. I want a job. I am underemployed and struggling to manage. As a determined citizen I want solutions, not more of the same. I waited four years for the promises Obama made me to be fulfilled and all I get are excuses. Out with him! I want to give another person the chance to actually create some jobs! Romney had the resume to prove that he can create cross-party relationships that we need to create change.

You make attacks on Romney but have nothing to back them up with. I dare you to show how Obama baited the next president, Mitt Romney. Show us the bait he took by telling the truth about our country’s condition and the president’s record. Tell me the bait he took by clearly stating his position.

Thanks Lone77star for you comment. I cannot say that I disagree with you on the fact that both parties are no good. I however, believe the Republican party is the better choice. I do not wish either party to diminish because I think they keep each other in balance for the most part. I do not want too many of each party. If it is illegal to protest what the government is doing, it is because the protesters have not permit to voice their concern in the area they are protesting. Free speech never meant the right to protest government actions.

Thank you Conservative Lady. I appreciate your comment and accolade. I believe that Romney has the tools to bring real change to American government at the national level.r

Thank you Lynn for posting a comment and sharing your support for Mitt Romney for this debate. Clearly he answered all the accusations of the president and clearly presented his message.

gaeparks 6 months ago from North Las Vegas, Nevada Level 2 Commenter

Mitt Romney is a LAIR…end of story. He lied at every turn. Since when does he care about poor people? Since when will he not give tax breaks to the poor. And unless you who are blowing his horn are rich as in making over one million per year…you are sadly mistaken. Mitt Romney went into attack mode. And just like the debates during the last election, people said the same abut the NOW president. The fact is that had president Obama had reacted to Mitt Romney last night he would have been labeled the “angry black man” He is a brilliant man and no fool. He handled that debate just the way he was supposed to do. And when the truth starts to flow from all the Romney “BS” he will end up losing. He is a lair and that is that. Paul Ryan is a turn coat who claims he went to washington the fight against big business when GM closed the plant down is his home town…then…he now runs with Mitt Romney who is all about big business. What a bunch of crap. I would not be surprised if the GOP does not lose Ryan’s home state because they are angry with him. President Obama did not lose that debate…he gave Mitt Romney enough rope to hang himself…job well done. Romney was baited…he bit…he will get hooked.

lone77star 7 months ago from Cebu, Philippines Level 5 Commenter

I agree with you on Obama, but Romney is just the other side of the same coin — the Corporate Party coin.

Obama = Romney on every issue critical to America’s future — war, economy and liberty.

And both parties have eliminated voting and Roberts Rules of Order — a sinister sign of more tyranny to come.

RNC Scripted:

DNC Scripted:

If people don’t wake up soon, then it’ll be all over for America, like Germany 80 years ago.

The Corporate Party really doesn’t care which candidate wins. They own both of them.

But most people don’t know that, because they get their information from the Corporate Party media spin doctors. Sad to see America die this way.

Obama has his Kill List with Americans on it. Obama set the stage with 900+ Executive Orders (100x every other president, except Bush and Clinton), effectively doing away with Congress.

And now, with HR 347, it’s a felony to protest what the government is doing.

Buckle up, people. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Conservative Lady 7 months ago from Washington State Level 5 Commenter

Rodric – you and I saw the same crucial points in this debate – I hope many other American voters did as well. We cannot afford 4 more years of Obama’s losing idea’s – we need Romney to get us back on track. Great hub as usual.

Lynn S. Murphy 7 months ago from Florida Level 3 Commenter

I have to agree. I thought I was being way prejudice because I really wanted Romney to kick buttm however, I’ve been surfing the channels other than Fox and even CNN and MSNBC are in agreement that Romney dominated the debate. CNN and MSNBC are actually in shock. 

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