Close IN THE SAVIOR’S NAME: Pattern of Prayer

 Jesus Christ is the author of salvation for mankind

“Father in Heaven, I Thank Thee for the blessings that Thou hast given me. I ask Thee in the name of They son for wisdom, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

When speaking to the children of Lehi during His visit some 2000 years ago, Christ instructed,

Therefore, whatsoever ye shall do, ye shall do it in my name; therefore ye shall call the church in my name; and ye shall call upon the Father in my name that he will bless the church for my sake.

Though the Savior was speaking to his anointed apostles, the command can be applied to all Christians. In taking upon us the name of Christ, we must do all that we do in His name, including to pray.

Jesus Christ is the author of salvation for mankind. In The Great Sacrificial Lamb it instructs that

Almost 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was gloriously resurrected and appeared to many

men and women as witness of his triumph over death. Not only did he appear to many, but many of the saints were raised from the dead also and appeared to many as a sign to all the world that what Christ taught in his short three-year mortal ministry was true!

Christ fulfilled the Law of Moses by conquering that great enemy of mankind, sin, by taking all sin upon him as he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane.

All so, in Adam and Eve’s Partnership With Jesus Christ: What You Should Know! it teaches that Christ

…committed no sins of His own of which to repent making it possible for Him to suffer for our sins. Because He did not deserve to die and could live forever, all the elements honor Him and hearken to His commands. It is significant to understand the importance of this statement. The reason why Christ could suffer for our sins is he was free of sin. He had no sin of his own for which to suffer; therefore, he did not deserve to receive the wages of sin, death.

…He suffered spiritually and physically every injustice of mankind; every hurt and sickness; every pain and discrimination. He suffered for all, that all might not have to suffer if we would follow Him and accept Him as our Master and King. If we accepted him as our intercessor, he will speak for us as a redeemed Christian.

…He satisfied the demands of justice for us so that if we repent we could enter into The Father’s rest… Christ suffered for all and paid for that dishonor we heaped upon him in the form of his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross at Calvary.

For these reasons God expects us to end all petitions to Him in the name of His Son. Not only is Christ the author and finisher of the Christian faith, but He also is the word of Father’s power by which He created the heavens and the Earth.

Jesus Christ is the God of this Earth and the creator of all that dwell upon it. As confusing as it may seem to some, as Jehovah, Jesus Christ created all that is physically upon the Earthy. He created the world, so He died for the world. He will also judge His creations before presenting them to the Father of us all.

Jesus Christ is the Father of all true Christians. As Christians covenant to become witnesses of His resurrection, they take on His name and become the children of His salvation and joint-heirs with Christ in the heavens. They do all things in His name, as He is the only way to the Father. Because Christ is the Word of God’s power, using His name provides the necessary power to activate the request. As mentioned before, God hears prayers of all types, but has given only one sure method by which humanity is guaranteed a response, only in and through the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the God of this Earth and the creator of all that dwell upon it.

Get Your Prayers Heard: One of the most important aspect of Truth Christianity is to know how to address the Father and in whose name we prayer. The Savior instructed all people to prayer to the Father as he prayed to the Father. It is important that all address all communications to the Father of Heaven as the Savior instructed so that the proper mode and manner regarding His teaching.

1. So the first step is to Address God in prayer.

As often as children call parents by name to get their attention, we should call Father in Heaven to focus on His attention. It makes sense to call God by name when thinking His parental responsibility to us. Knowing God is knowing that He is our Father. Knowing that He is our Father helps us to also know that He will listen and answer when we call Him.

2. The second step is to Thank God for what he has already given to us.

Gratitude is one of many methods of inviting the Spirit of God to aid His children during prayer. Showing gratitude to Father is a humbling practice where we acknowledge His supremacy in all mortal and heavenly things and recognize that as the creator, He provides all of the sustenance of the world.

3. The third step is to Ask God for the things that we need and want.

The Lord desires to share truths, whether they be the truths of the universe or if it is the truth that He really exists and answers prayers. All truths are there for the asking if the hearer does so with real intent.

4. The fourth step is to Close in the Name of Jesus Christ.