About Cathartic Mental Musings of Rodric Johnson

Rodric Johnson received both a bachelor in psychology  and master in education  at the University of Phoenix in 2009 and 2011 respectively. This is a place for his musings and opinions that are too extreme for his main page he includes here as a way to make sure that those who loved reading them still have them available to read.

Also, this is the page where odd items or pieces that he  wants to write appear that may not be in his NICHE for writing. Cathartic means a purging of the bowels. Bowels ins ancient days meant a purging of the insides or heart; so, say focused!  As graphic as the first description that may come to mind is, it gives a vivid example of how things come and go from his musings, his thoughts to the page. He puts as much effort in to his writing as he can so that he can engage the reader. Below are a few examples of his writing.

The Truth about Being Black in America

The fact that African Americans are called African at all is an indication of the limited explanation of this group’s history. The nationalities of Black American ancestors are a mystery for the great majority of the group. Slavery stripped this group….

Violation of Trust – President BILL CLINTON – 1992 t…

The charge against the president as a perjurer was to convince the Senate that the crimes he committed were of a nature as to make him unable to perform in the office of president.


Writings of Rodric Johnson : Cycle of Success
The cycle of success is the culmination of all the failures and work it takes to succeed. It may seem odd that failure is a part of success. We learn through experiences, personal and researched, the things needed to achieve our successes in life.

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